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How many here have actually read a book by Charles Dickens outside of being assigned it in school? I suspect not many. The reason? People are scared by how long his books are.

Well, our friends at AudioFile Magazine have an answer to this problem. They are giving the book David Copperfield for free on audio to everyone! How cool is that? There’s just one catch. They’ve decided to release it the same way Dickens released his books back in the 1800s: one chapter at a time.

Have you ever mused when you are annoyed by the length of the books if Dickens was paid by the word? The answer is yes! Dickens had his books published one chapter at a time in a magazine. The country of England would get so enthralled in the story that it would make them want to buy more magazines. That gave Dickens his reason for writing such long books. Sometimes he’d only be a chapter or two ahead of the reading public.

So AudioFile is gradually releasing David Copperfield, narrated by Nicholas Boulton, just three chapters over the course of a week. Breaking the book up into smaller chunks will make it more accessible to everyone.

You can visit Audiobook Break to get information about getting to enjoy this great English classic.

David Copperfield


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