Creepy Podcasts for the Spooky Season: 2021 Edition


To Ears With Love is back with some suggestions of podcasts for the spooky season. Here’s a few things to focus on instead of the slow heat death of the universe:

What’s Up Weirdo

Its no surprise that I have deep love for author and general weirdo John E.L. Tenney. His cohost, Jessica Knapik was was delightful surprise.  The two paranormal professionals literally just have a recorded conversation each week. It it somehow just perfect magic. Sometimes they talk Billy Zane. Sometimes they go on about the skunks in Jessica’s yard. Regardless of what they are talking about, the hosts are hysterically funny and there always seems to be something in regards to the supernatural or horror movies thrown in. This has been one of my favorite new discoveries.

Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked

I’m not sure what rock I’ve been hiding under, but Snap Judgement: Spooked is now in its 6th season. Each year around October Snapped Judgement puts together this highly well produced podcast series, including real stories from people around the world. There are stories of camera crews experiencing posession in Indonesia, family Brujas, haunted lamb dolls wrecking havok, and more. This has been a delightful break during my day.

Haunted Road

Kindred Spirits’ Amy Bruni has come out with her very own podcast about her experiences with the supernatural. Amy Bruni is not only the sweetest person in the paranormal, her podcast is thoughtful and incredible. Each episode includes the history of the site she’s investigated, the ghost stories attached, and usually an interview with a professional who works for the site. I’m in love. The only downside is that this is a new podcast, so if you’re a binger, you’ll find yourself running out of episodes pretty quickly.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Love a good mystery? Host Ashley Flowers hosts the podcast Supernatural. Each episode includes the spooky mystery, and enough history to give listeners a chance to determine whether they believe the supernatural explanation or that there may be another more rational explanation. Flowers doesn’t try to force you to may up your mind. The mysteries are good and fairly unique. I listen to quite a few podcast about the supernatural, so its nice to hear new stories.

Internet Urban Legends

The Gruesome Twosome (Loey Lane and Snitchery) are here to bring you the story behind creepy online stories from Reddit, screwed up Tik Toks and videos like Blank Room Soup. From time to time, they even go into secret areas of horror video games that even some of the biggest horror fans miss. This podcast is fabulous and the conversation is entertaining and sometimes hilariously funny.





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