The Least We Can Do Vol 2 & 3- A Review


I am back from another small hiatus! Gotta love a mental health crisis AND international travel. But when Iolanda Zanfardino says “jump”, my response is always “How heckin’ high?”. 

So I’m here to talk about The Least We Can Do volumes 2 and 3 because why not make it an ordinary comeback. Let’s make it a real comeback! 

Let’s start with Volume 2 (which is out now) and oh boy I hope you like training montages. As always, masterfully written and masterfully drawn (by Zanfardino’s longtime creative collaborator: Elisa Romboli). I rarely relate to stories about plucky young people and the hardened captain they’re trying to impress but I buy it here and I can find places where I also was probably trying too hard to impress someone. 

Now, volume 3. Oh boy. Okay. So I don’t usually trigger warning but I think some readers are going to need it. This series has been no stranger to violence but it’s more than the violence that took me a moment to process. I’ve been very open about being abused both physically and emotionally in my time and there’s a scene in here that was…well, it was triggering. I don’t think that makes the story bad; quite on the contrary. There’s a lot of me that can appreciate a story that can make me feel something so strongly. But a soft heads up to readers who may be in a different place in their trauma recovery than me that there may be some stuff in this volume that can be distressing. That doesn’t make volume 3 and less wonderfully done or any less gripping and compelling and I still recommend this as part of the series. Volume 3 also ends on a MAJOR cliffhanger that has me dying for the next issue. 

As always, thanks to Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli for this work and for letting me review it! 

The Least We Can Do volume 2 is out now!

The Least We Can Do volume 3 will be out 11/9 wherever you get your graphic novels and comic books! 


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