‘Barely Even Friends’ Is a Modern Beauty and the Beast Retelling


Bellamy Price has created a name for herself under the umbrella of her father’s building restoration business. She has big dreams, but one of those dreams is not getting into another relationship.  Bell has begun to believe that she is a rolling stone, one who definitely shouldn’t be falling for the mysterious resident of the Killington Estate.   Oliver Killington is the heir to a major fortune, but after the traumatic car accident that took his parents and his time in football away, he wants nothing more than to hide from the spotlight.  As Bell swings her hammer at the biggest restoration project of her life, Oliver tries to block her changes.  She has everything to lose if she fails, but Bell is as tough as the nails she hammers. Oliver is under an ultimatum. Either return to the Killington empire at the end of the renovation or lose everything.

Mae Bennet gives readers a bright story with hints of Succession and a wealth of well-written sex scenes. Barely Even Friends is a modern romance with delightful dialogue and loveable characters, including a curvy main character. The household staff at the Killington Estate are charming and delightful.  Bennet does a great job of combining pop culture, a solid plot, and a romance that curls the reader’s toes.

Barely Even Friends is now available.



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