1459826_10102182373762341_1062449554_nVictoria Irwin – Editor in Chief – [email protected]

Victoria Irwin grew up with at least two books in her bag at all times. Discovering comic books, Science Fiction, and Fantasy at an early age, it was only a matter of time before she became a Fangirl. With a deep love for Doctor Who and classic detective stories, Victoria turned her attentions to writing and sharing her love of a good story with the world. The University of California, Irvine Alumnae seeks to spread the word about amazing comic books, good novels and television shows that deserve a long look. Victoria channels her darkside with DirgeMag.com as well as her work as The Mistress of Death.  She is also on Twitter @vicsplinterg

Jessica_avatar-96x961Jessica Greenlee – Staff Writer, Managing Editor, Webmaster – [email protected]

Jessica Greenlee grew up in a house full of books. She is still surrounded by books and is hopelessly and irrevocably in love with stories and storytelling. She is helped and hindered in writing her reviews by a small parrot who has tasted his share of literature. She can be found on Twitter as @Bkwyrme.

Samantha Kitts – Cosplay Editor[email protected]
Samantha is an Arizona native who loves to write, draw and cosplay! You’ll often find her scribbling character ideas in notebooks, reading the latest comics by IDW/BlackHorse/Image/Kaboom!, planning her latest cosplay and researching conventions throughout the U.S.A. Sam LOVES social media and LOVES to share her adventurous experiences with the world! She can be found on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr as ThermoCosplay. If you see her at an event be sure to say “Hi!” and she’ll take your photo OR show you around the event (seriously, she likes to adopt people at conventions).

 me me me me

Toni Adams

How did I know I was classified as a geek by society? Was it not common for a young child to hide in a hastily constructed closet and hope that one day she will fall though to Narnia? Are you telling me that focusing on punching my brothers motorcycle avatar on Road Rash instead of cleaning the large, stinky pile of cat poo in the litter box next to us was a little too hardcore?Why are you confused when I differentiate my first concert in Bangkok (Christmas special at a mall) and my first concert in America (Offspring at Universal Citywalk)? How many hours did you waste re-reading your collection of Babysitters Club or Goosebumps instead of packing them to move?

Are you still waiting for Falkor too? Since my initial establishment at identity was through means of fictional worlds, then I suppose I am. This may be a smidgen of who I am but already you can get a glimpse of how multifaceted it is. Not only do I yearn with wide eyes at my fandoms, I indulge in multicultural pop culture, involve myself in many social circles (usually involving books or cosplay), and generally gain EXP for the next level of Me. Instead of listing all the fandoms I revel in, I will list what I look for: happiness, uniqueness, and wonder.No matter which medium it’s in, if I enjoy it, I will enjoy it with the entire portion of all my neurons. I will hold it close to me no matter what. And you will know when I’m happy. I will squee. Very much.

Besides, I don’t make it much of a mystery what I’m into.

smirk (1)Leah Miller– Cultural Geek

Leah Miller grew up in a town that used to be a whaling town, and spent her childhood climbing black marble staircases in a century-old library named for a town that doesn’t technically exist. Her earliest childhood memory is watching the Incredible Hulk animated series on saturday mornings, the first thing she ever bought with her own money was an original Gameboy in 1989, and her first job was sweeping the floors at a comic and game shop. She studied karate and psychology, lived in Japan for a year, and then fell head-first into the game industry, where she has worked as a writer and designer for nearly ten years. A geek of all trades and master of none, she can be found on twitter @CulturalGeek.

0802151230Sheri Williams– Who is Sheri Williams? I am a mom, an author, a nerd. Or at least that is what my Pinterest will tell you. But I am more, So much more. I’m a reader, with my first love being romance books and then fantasy being a close second. I’m a champion couch potato with medals in binge watching tv shows and Disney movies. I’m a comic lover, though I tend to gravitate toward more out of the box comics than mainstream ones. I’m a coffee mug hoarder. A lover of octopuses, tattoos, unicorns, and Trolls (the ones from the eighties with the bright hair). I cannot keep my desk clean, it may have something to do with the sheer amount of lego figures on it. Hmmmm… what else do you need to know about me? I curse like a sailor, but I won’t here cause I totally understand the pg-13 rating. Anything else, well, you can find me on social media and ask me. I love to chat. The website is http://www.thesheriwilliams.com/ and the twitter is https://twitter.com/AuthorSheri

image for fangirlnationKam Martinez ­ Enthusiastic Reader, Lowkey Fangirl, and Freelance Life­Ruiner

Kam is a voracious reader, and has been so for most of her life. Her TBR list has mutated into an eldritch Gothic mansion that is constantly expanding in the strangest of ways, and she has absolutely no intention of getting it under control (she likes it that way, thank you very much). She has been dubbed a “life­ruiner” by her IRL friends because she has a penchant for recommending books that subsequently destroy all their feels. She claims she does this out of love, but her friends suspect she does it because she loves watching them suffer. (They aren’t entirely wrong.) Her longer ramblings on the things she reads and a few other things besides can be found on her blog Occasionally Random Book Reviews (http://kammartinez.wordpress.com). She can also be found on Instagram as @kamreadsandrecs, where she posts micro­reviews and quote edits of anything she happens to be currently reading. And finally, if you want to witness her screaming and flailing in (more or less) real­time, you can follow her on Twitter @kamliveblog (rated R­16 for bilingual swearing and keysmashing).

11989_660836467390809_5704600757633128954_n-1Catie Kovelman – College Student by Day, Nerd by Night

If Catie’s life was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which she wishes it was, she would be the girl who does too much instead of the girl who lived. From the age of 8, Catie has been a competitive horseback rider. When not riding, she figure skates, also competitively. Now in College, Catie is a Film Production Major, with minors in the Honors College and Journalism. She is also the PR and Technical Relations Chair for a club that fights childhood Cancer on her campus, called Chapman Be Positive, is on her college equestrian team, the New Member Chair for her school’s honor society, and does PR for a Non-profit that she helped start, called the Young Creative Professionals Initiative.
Somehow in the midst of the chaos that is her life, Catie stumbled upon Fan Girl Nation and discovered a family of glorious nerds, just like her. She now lets out her love of reading, fandoms, movies, and general nerdome through as many articles as she can find the time to write. Feel free to reach out to her on her Instagram at Catie_elizabeth_.
Jacqueline van Bronkhorst- Ravenclaw
Jacqueline was very young when she found her first love: stories. She’s been surrounded by them her whole life in the form of books, television, movies, and self-produced plays put on in the living room. In fact, she loves stories so much that she decided to go to college for it. She’s now a Screenwriting Major and a part of the Honors College at her Southern California university. She is a proud writer, self-taught musician and artist, Disney fanatic, Ravenclaw, Sci-Fi and fantasy lover, and complete geek.
10372797_10153327622313854_7438267859305691257_nSarah Brockman – is a cosplayer, crocheter, and craft beer enthusiast with a penchant for red lipstick and high-energy music accompanied by laser beams. She firmly believes that food is but a vehicle for sauce, and there’s no point to wearing clothing if you’re not going to have fun with it. You can find her snarky ramblings on Twitter @brockwoman, and more cat pictures than you would ever need on her Instagram by the same name.


Stephanie Hayslip – Loki Handler and Professional Cumberbatch Lover

Stephanie is Nerd Life Til She Dies. Her fangirl qualifications include: being raised by nerds and teaching herself to apply Vulcan ears and Bajoran noses by age 9. She has a strong penchant for the supernatural, where Whedon is her master, along with “Star Trek,” “Sherlock,” and the other usual suspects. She’s seen every horror movie from the good to the hysterical and is equal opportunity Marvel/DC. There’s also some movies with a little green dyslexic and a beeping trash can, but she can’t remember the name of them. Her mild-mannered alter ego works as a singer and actress in New York and LA, which you can keep up-to-date with at www.stephaniehayslip.com.

Mary Theresa Chessmar- Cosplay Enthusiast 

Mary has been a nerd since a very young age when she realized magic was way better than reality. She enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, board games, crafts, and wearing underwear to convention centers. The worst moment of her life was realizing she couldn’t major in Fairy Princessing in college, and the best moment was this time she ate a really awesome ice cream sundae for breakfast. You can find her ruining your favorite movies at http://regencyromcoms.tumblr.com/, and playing dress up at https://www.facebook.com/missmarymousecosplay.



Ashley Musick- Dancer, Writer, Lover of YA Fantasy 

Ashley is a sophomore creative writing major with minors in dance and Honors at Chapman University, and is an editor of the Honors program’s interdisciplinary online journal. She loves to read, write, and dance, and works at Linden Tree Children’s Books in Los Altos, California during school breaks. She has been doing ballet since she was three years old, has a particular affinity for YA fantasy novels, and is extremely proud to be a member of both Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Hufflepuff house from Harry Potter! She can often be found dancing in empty hallways or curled up in odd places reading (or re-reading) her favorite books.

Self portrait1Spencer Rutledge – Video Game Enthusiast, Geek Across the Board

Spencer has been playing video games sense he can’t remember when, all he does know is someone showed him Command & Conquer and he hasn’t stopped playing games since. While his love for which games he likes to play has changed, his love for gaming has only grown. Besides games of the digital kind, he enjoys anything tabletop, and definitely D&D. As for the mention of being a geek across the board, this holds true. An avid comic collector he mainly is focused on Image comics right now, believing they have by far some of the best stories coming out in comics (Low, Tokyo Ghost, Pretty Deadly are just a few of his favs.) Of course his love for Sci-Fi has always been there, because, space is freaking amazing, and fantasy is always welcome.

Having just discovered his passion for writing in the last few years, he thought why not write about the things I love, that’s what people do on the internet, right? (Pun totally intended) After building a small portfolio on his personal blog he thought it was high time to start sending out some work, soon enough he found FGN a community of wonderful geeks who welcome any and all with open arms, a place he could call home. He hopes to not only improve his writing skills and continue his dream for gaming journalism, but make some lifelong friends/memories along the way.

He might be a boy but Spencer will always be a FanGirl

IMG_7540Stephanie Bray– Lady of Music

I am an avid music fan, writer, reader of anything and fangirl of many things, a few are Joss Whedon projects, comic books, sci fi movies and really bad monster movies.  My love of the nerdy has been firmly rooted in me since childhood and playing Star Wars at my desk in elementary school. I have worked everywhere from large corporations to small independent record stores, where I gained an appreciation for all types of music and love of new artists.  I enjoy hearing what others are listening to and checking out new things.  I enjoy going to new eateries, music venues, art exhibits and attempting to play videogames.  Let me know of a band you are passionate about and I’ll check them out. I can be contacted at [email protected] or my twitter @steph101

 FangirlNation AvatarCourtney B. Davis– In League With Mad Scientists

Growing up, Courtney didn’t know she was a geek. Watching Star Wars and Star Trek was normal in her house, and reading was encouraged. By the time she was ten, she was spending so much time creating sci-fi worlds of her own instead of paying attention in class that her mother was called in by a concerned teacher. With the X-Men cartoon, Courtney was introduced to a whole new aspect of geekery: superheroes. Soon, she was collecting comics, memorizing lore, and going to conventions. She’s a particular fan of Marvel, but has been known to pick up anything that catches her eye. She also maintains a deep and abiding love for mad scientists, as evidenced by her webcomic, which can be found at LeagueofMadScientists.com.

10419829_10203341693079325_753452989_nNicole Paoli– Lover of Video Games and Role Playing Games

Nicole Paoli is a part time student and full time nerd with a passion for video games, comic books, and food. She’s working on becoming a full-fledged author and poet, and is enjoying life in the meantime. She can be found on tumblr at theexcellentslytherclaw.tumblr.com


Megan's Profile PictureMegan Kennedy-A Creative Anachronism

Megan Kennedy lives in Southern California and co-owns a photography  company with her husband. She also loves crafts and sewing and is involved  in a medieval reenactment group called The Society for Creative  Anachronism. A huge fan of the Whedon-verse, she is known amongst her friends for making obscure references only she understands. She also writes for a geeky nail polish blog at www.wickedsplatters.com. She has never been on an airplane.


E6Ellen Webre– Poet and Roleplayer

Ellen Webre grew up an only child, and books were the best babysitters. She started roleplaying with her friends even before she knew it’s true name. With a multicultural heritage and privilege of traveling the world, her imagination was able to form uniquely. When she started writing, she found herself highly influenced by myth and folktales, as well as the mysterious creatures that lurk in her dreams. A geek indeed, but the subtle kind, the kind that peers at you through your window with glassy owl eyes.


Bio PicBethany Davis– Geek Craft Goddess

Goblin Gal, is a geek born and raised (coming home from school to find your father chanting the “One Ring” poem and running around the house yelling, “Inconceivable!” pretty much sets your fate).

A massive bookworm, Beth’s personal journey into fantasy geekdom began as a young child with the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.  Since then she has voraciously consumed just about any book that has crossed her path.  She reads everything from Sci-fi and fantasy to historical fiction and comic books.  Her favorite super hero is Thor, and she is currently on a quest to collect all the old JIMs.

As she grew older, her love of books expanded to a love of all geek media. Beth is also an avid gamer, playing both video and tabletop games.  She has been both an end game raider in WoW (DPS, please!) and frequent DM to her local D&D group. In her mission to have more hobbies than any one human should ever have, Beth is also a fan of anime, an award winning cosplayer, and a competitive axe thrower and fantasy artist. Her work is greatly inspired by geek culture, nature, fairy lore, and the work of Henson and Froud. You can keep up with her at her blog at www.goblingal.blogspot.com or check out her shop at www.etsy.com/shop/shroudedgrove.


JennaJenna Black– Geek Activist 

Jenna Black is a researcher who squeezes gaming between science and activism. In addition to console and PC gaming, she plays and runs homebrew tabletop RPGs and participates in full-contact medieval combat with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Currently Jenna is conducting a meta-analysis of gender roles in STEM textbooks.

Mistress of DeathThe Mistress of Death realized early on in her morbid life that she was unsuited to the interests of the common ken. Drawn irresistibly to graveyards and haunted castles, she now shares her dwelling with a host of taxidermied mice, long-dead cats, and a small and fiercely loyal army of cockroaches.

DT_CSTCrystal Claussen

Now this is the story all about how
I nerd girl’d, geeked out, tattoo’d out
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I decided web journalism was my game

In Long Beach, California born and raised
On the Sega Genesis is where I spent most of my days
Star Trek, D&D, watching Doctor Who
Spending time with Playstation, Nintendo, X-Box, too
When high school was done, now what do I do?
I went to college, got a job, bought a DS, movies too
Then I finally graduated, and decided to try
Working my way up with Direct2Drive’s customer side

I made some connections and decided to see
If maybe online journalism was the career for me
Moving on professionally, I needed a site
Game Informer, IGN… but where do I start?

I skimmed through the web, until I could find
Somewhere I feel like I could identify
Looked at FangirlNation, I was finally here!
I now sit at home, with my freelance career.

Author ImageHeather Hendricks — Undercover Mermaid

To quote Gwen Stefani “I’m just an Orange County girl, living in an extraordinary world.” I was born and raised in Southern California but then an opportunity to teach in the Bay Area came up and I took it. My love of travel and search for a new adventure swept me away. I am very fond of the fandom life and the communities that it has created. Harry Potter was one of the first that I became immersed in. I have since found my way to Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel and Firefly among many others. I love comics, cartoons and painting, often using that as excuse to watch the kiddie channels. When I am not obsessing over the latest installment of Doctor Who, I am a crazed soccer fan and can often be found at a nearby stadium. I also run a nail blog, wickedsplatters.com, with my fellow Fangirl writer and best friend) Megan.

GonzajayneKiki Gonzales

Kiki is a bookworm to the core. As a child, she would read anything she could get her hands on. This led to a love of Atwood, Vonnegut, Neruda, Bloom and Bukowski to name a few. Desperate read-need also led to dark periods of Danielle Steel and Sidney Sheldon…ahem.

She discovered a love for sci-fi/fantasy and comics toward the end of college, while finishing up a BA in Clinical Psychology, but she is far from being as well-versed as her type A sensibilities would prefer. Her husband finds her lack of utter devotion to Star Wars disturbing, but is appeased by her obsession with Dr. Who.

These days, Kiki’s hours are filled with serving the Supreme Rulers (also known as her Son and Daughter), leaving little time for reading-unless you count the trials and tribulations of the Llama Llama Saga. She hopes that her children will embrace literature (and the musical genius of Elvis Costello) with the same life-long fervor that she has, and so far, it seems to going well.

Q0IcNjvoKimmi Haueter– Games Editor, Level 3 fan girl and quickly gaining XP!

As a fulltime student, Kimmi is working towards her degree in Political Science and Psychology, with aninterest in Creative Writing. When she is not buried deep beneath stacks of textbooks, one may find her causing lighthearted chaos at Disneyland with her fellow peeps, The Princess Crew. Can’t find her stalking Mulan, Belle, Anna, and Cinderella? Then she’s probably home sewing up her latest cosplay design and catching up on some much needed time in the TV world. Kimmi’s latest obsession is table top games and DnD. Always sporting a smile and a gleeful attitude, this crazy blonde is hunting down new adventures and hungry to learn all she can about the geek/nerdy world around her. You can join her on the adventures by following her on twitter @blondieskingdom

areugame2Piper Steed– Professional Illustrator and Mother by Day, Aupergeek and Twitter Addict by Night
Piper comes from a long line of geek/nerds and Fangirls over everything from Anime to Zombies. In her free time she can be caught streaming video games via Twitch, cosplaying, binge watching her favorite SciFi, LARPing, playing Magic: The Gathering or with her nose in a comic book. Currently she’s working on getting an unboxing web series “Outside The Box” off the ground as well as starting on her own comic series.

FGN_ContributorDJScottJulie and David Scott are married geeks who freelance in geeky media in the down times between parenting and working their day jobs. They are frequent contributors to Toplessrobot.com and just started their Tumblr at Ourkindofstuff.com – if you want to read their daily reviews. When not writing geek stuff they are game demonstrators for Steve Jackson Games. David writes fiction here and there, occasionally working on a novel, and Julie posts photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/juliecandothat/


Harley Behind Hat EditedCheyenne Shockley  A Harley-Quinn and Alice Liddell fanatic who was recently introduced into the beautiful world of cosplay, Cheyenne is a full-time college student, artist, writer, and Potterhead. Her free time is spent micromanaging a photography studio, reading as many books as she can, being a selfie-holic, and causing headaches for her friends and family with viral videos of Potter Puppet Pals, Charlie the Unicorn, and Narwhals. She binges on Orange is the New Black and video games, most of which are different versions of The Sims or horror games. Competitive, a debater, and a hopeless romantic, Cheyenne has her heart set on releasing her inner geek and tumbling deeper down the rabbit hole than she ever has before. Her latest adventures include creating more of her own artwork, exploring new cosplays and events, and writing romance and horror novels, if her ever-busy brain will concentrate long enough on one plot to finish one.

IMG_5887K. L. Zolnoskican trace her love of Godzilla all the way back to her grandmother. Raised on a steady diet of Gamera, Ultraman and an endless assortment of B-grade sci-fi movies she stays true to her roots through books, comics and movies. When not working or taking care of family, K. L. is an avid gardener, reader and writer and still manages to find time for RPGs and going to comic cons. You can follow her adventures on her blog at www.m31publishing.com or on twitter @Kzolnoski



sarahdesertSarah E. Doyle is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where she received a BA in Creative Writing. She currently works for an indie record label as their Social Media Coordinator. Beyond all that, she loves comic books (especially anything by Brian K. Vaughan – she has a Y: The Last Man tattoo, in fact), jazz, Film Noir, Guinness, Ray Bradbury, old videos games, the Apocalypse, Sci-Fi, and is obsessed with storms. Currently she is working on her own graphic novel which she hopes to finish sometime this century.

Sarah firmly believes that anyone can be a geek about anything; it’s just about being passionate and proud! She lives in Los Angeles with her fiance and their cat, Marlowe.

SAMSUNGShowna Jacobsen My name is Showna Jacobsen and I’m a proud geek girl. By daylight I am a high school special ed teacher in LA, but by night my geek flag flies high. Every corner of my house is  stuffed with comics, magic cards, and half-painted 40K or Cryx armies with me on the couch watching Syfy or binge watching Star Trek TOS on Netflix. Being a fairly new geek girl I love reading all types of comics from DC & Marvel to Dark Horse & Image. But I am admittedly drawn to strong female archetypes like Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Harley Quinn. I prefer the darker storylines and drawings in Suicide Squad by Rod Reis and Ken Lashley and Tommy  Castillo’s Darkside of Oz. I promise always to give you my honest opinion and I hope to interest  you in new things, or at least get you excited and talking about comics.