Murder in a Dinner Club in “Everything Bundt the Truth”


Everything Bundt the TruthIn Everything Bundt the Truth by Karen C. Whalen, Jane Marsh has big aspirations. Her big dream is to join an exclusive dinner club which her friend Cheryl belongs to. So when she is given a trial to host a dinner, Jane gets a professional cleaner recommended by Cheryl to make her house spotless in the hopes of impressing the club members. Leaving the house to pick up a bundt cake, Jane returns to a spotless house, but she finds Monica Hatch, the new housekeeper, dead in the basement.

The police clearly seem to suspect Jane of Monica’s murder. They bring up the deaths of her two late husbands, which, when viewed together, look potentially suspicious. Jane finds herself curious about the murder and starts snooping, using her research skills gained as a paralegal, to do so. She meets with Jasper, Monica’s son, who shares with Jane some personal bank statements of Monica’s clients that he finds amid his mother’s possessions. Was she committing identity theft? Blackmailing people? Is this the motive for the murder? Jasper also tells Jane that his father and his mother’s second husband share a home and business, which seems like a strange connection. Then the next day Jane reads in the newspaper that the two men have been arrested on drug charges. Soon after that, Jane gets a visit from the police, who tell her that Jasper is now victim of a suspicious drug death. With the police continuing to revisit Jane to ask more questions about the murder, Jane steps up her efforts to investigate the murder.

This book has an interesting plot, and I liked the fact that the book has a twice- widowed, 50-something main character. Jane is struggling to reestablish a romantic life and has poor success with her first date, who shows up with a superhero t-shirt to their two dates, and then the second man she dates turns out strange too. I did really like the character of Brittany, Jane’s new daughter-in-law. The conclusion was a little convoluted, and I didn’t find it very satisfactory. In addition, I had trouble understanding why Jane felt such urgency to solve the murder.

Ann Simmons performs the audiobook effectively. She keeps the expressions low key enough to allow the book to speak for itself in its dramatic scenes without becoming boring. She suits the role of Jane well.

I appreciated this book in general. I liked the characters and found the book interesting. I did have a couple issues with those couple things I indicated earlier. Overall the book was enjoyable. I give it four stars.

Disclaimer: I got this book for free through Audiobook BOOM, but that had no influence on the content of my review.

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