The City on the Other Side


 Hey it’s me again, your friendly middle grade graphic novel reviewer. And I have got a really fun one today.  The City on the Other Side is the story of Isabel, a lovely girl who feels ignored by her family. Her mom is a socialite, obsessed with cleanliness and her dad is a sculptor, completely disregarding of order or time. Her world is ours, but it is in disrepair. The city she lives in has been plagued by fire and upheaval, and she is trapped inside. All Isabel wants is to explore and to be loved, and she gets it, but not in the way she expected.  After a disastrous visit to her father, she finds a Seelie, a fairy from the Other Side, and her life is forever changed.

Thrust into a war that is raging between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts she had no idea existed, and entrusted with the most important magical thing in the realm, Isabel must choose to be brave and save the Fairy realm in order to help save her world.  Along the way she makes friends with a mushroom named Button and another human boy who has been stuck in the Fairy realm for a few years. Together our three learn to trust, to be brave, and to never give up.

The City on the Other Side is really cute story with a great message.  I’m a great proponent of strong girls, so any chance I get to read a story with a strong, young, female protagonist, I gobble it up. Add to it the beautiful and whimsical artwork and you have a great book! My oldest daughter who is reading it now, is only a few pages in and already enjoying it. So this graphic novel is kid and mom tested and approved.

The City on the Other Side was released on April 24th from Macmillan Publishers. It is definitely a 5 star read and I look forward to what the writer, Mairghread Scott, comes up with next.


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