‘Feminasty’ is Full of Painful Truths About Being Female in the USA


Let me start by saying that Erin Gibson will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Her podcast Throwing Shade is not everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, Feminasty is the perfect book for our time. In a world of Brett Kavanaugh hearings and a president who mocks those who have come forward about sexual abuse, it’s difficult to not be angry right now. Erin Gibson has a magic ability to take a horrible situation, show you why you should be angry, make you laugh, and tell you how to fight it.

Feminasty posits what women have been fighting for forever; recognition as humans and not second class citizens or property. Want to become enraged before laughing out loud? Read the chapter on the American Healthcare system.  Gibson does an incredible job of not just making it about cis white women, but also involving Women of Color and the LGBTQ community. I also deeply appreciated the fact that Gibson offers solutions in her essays, not just identifying the problem; trust me when I say we know about the problems. A great case of this is the entire chapter she provides on the cosmetics industry, vs. the parts of the cosmetic industry run by women. She gives names of products and places to look.  I needed this book more than I thought I would. It has not been an easy few weeks. Feminasty was the smart read I needed to get through it.

Erin Gibson’s Feminasty is now available from Grand Central Publishing.


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